Yvonne Teo

Yvonne Teo

Registered Counsellor

“Come as you are” – Yvonne believes in creating a sacred space where you can feel safe to delve into the unheard or untold narratives of your self-identity, with the assurance of being acknowledged, heard, and accepted just as you are.

“We’re all interconnected” Yvonne also believes that individuals do not exist in isolated spheres but rather in complex interpersonal ecosystems. Viewing from a systemic lens, she accompanies her clients as they navigate challenges stemming from their relationships with others and the broader family system. She strives to engage in collaborative efforts, extending beyond her clients to include their families whenever possible.

Yvonne previously worked at the YWCA Vocational Training Centre, offering individual and group counselling to young women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, or sociocultural upbringing. Currently, she continues to volunteer, extending psychological support to diverse religious organizations through both online and in-person platforms. She has gained valuable experience in working with a wide range of clients, including adolescents, adults, couples and families, who come from diverse age groups and backgrounds.

Yvonne holds a Master of Counselling degree from HELP University and a Graduate Certificate of Family Therapy Program (The Delta Clinic, Australia). She is registered with the Board of Counsellors of Malaysia (KB09459, PA09084).

When she's off work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends over meals and a glass or two of wine. She enjoys musical theatre and she also has a fondness for nature, often engaging in activities like hiking and enjoying the beauty of beaches. A true dog lover at heart!

Language: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin (written and spoken) and Hakka