About us

What is Safe Space?

Educational & Skill-based Courses

Safe Space offers educational and skill-based courses in psychology that are periodic or by request. Think of us as a gym membership; a center for extra classes or as we say in Malaysia, “tuition”; to better your understanding and exercise important skills to promote your mental health and wellbeing.

A Space to Connect

This goes beyond stress management and mood regulation. Imagine a space where you can learn about self-esteem today, psychological trauma the next week, and sexual desire the week after. You may also indulge in specialized courses. Enroll in our couple school with your relationship partner to discover your role and needs as a partner, and how to enrich your relationship quality. Take part in courses to learn about how your behaviors are perceived by others, how to be better in interviews, or take a deep dive into understanding your personality.

Soft Skills & Technical Skills

We also offer training (HRDC-claimable) and workshops to organizations that would like to upskill their employees or deepen their knowledge in psychology and research. This includes topics on soft skills such as reducing procrastination, leadership skills, relationship management, boundary setting for work-life balance, and professional communication, as well as technical skills such as survey development, literature review, data analysis, and interview design.

Our Philosophy

At Safe Space, we believe that everyone has the capacity for growth and healing with the right psychological insight, tools, and support. 

We want to create a future where people are excited to learn about themselves and are committed to self-improvement and development. Together, we can build a resilient and sustainable mental health ecosystem. After all, healthy people are the foundation for healthy organizations and societies.

Through our work, we strive to:

Empower people to learn about psychological concepts and processes for their personal and professional development
Promote a more proactive approach to maintaining psychological health through ongoing learning and self-assessment
Foster a sense of belonging by building security, trust, and connection with others

Our Manifesto

We believe that everyone can benefit from psychological knowledge.

We believe in lifelong learning and innate curiosity.

We believe that growth is beautiful, even if it requires discomfort.

We believe in the power of science.


We believe in understanding without judgment.

The Human of Safe Space

Clinical Psychologist
BSc Psychological Science and Business
Master of Clinical Psychology
Social Psychologist
BSc (Hons) Psychological Science and Business
Ph.D. in Psychology