Give yourself permission to thrive

We will help you cultivate your safe space to learn, grow, and heal — professionally and personally.

What do we offer

Safe Space offers educational and skill-based courses in psychology that are periodic or by request.
Think of us as a gym membership; a center for extra classes or as we say in Malaysia, “tuition”;
to better your understanding and exercise important skills to promote your mental health and wellbeing.

Scientifically-sound knowledge

Our content is informed by the latest findings from peer-reviewed psychological research.

Practice-informed tools

You will learn tools that have been used in psychotherapy and higher education in psychology.

Connection with
like-minded others

We believe in the power of meaningful connections and peer support in learning, growth, and healing.

Fun in learning

We understand that good learning requires elements of play and fun.

Who is Safe Space for

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What do people say
about us?